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Three Years, Four Dealerships and two Toyota Specialists couldn’t fix my car. Billy was the magic man. He fixed my highlander when no one else could figure it out. He told me he had yet to find a car he couldn’t fix and I will be honest, I had heard it before. He is the best mechanic I have ever worked with as he is not only intelligent and knowledgeable, but I could tell instantly that he was committed to helping get this car fixed and not about breaking my wallet. I would recommend these guys without hesitation and I thank Billy again for finally getting a check engine light to finally turn off!! If you have THAT car, I recommend you try Billy and challenge him to figure it out.

S W. – Fairbanks, AK

I will not take either of my cars anywhere else. Like some others who have reviewed, I am a woman who knows a limited amount about cars. When I was shopping for a new (used) vehicle, I took one in and after saying they couldn’t recommend it, they did not charge me for the inspection. The next one I took in passed with flying colors and I bought it. I’ve been super happy with it.

Before a long road trip (2500 miles) I took it in to get the oil changed and the technician double checked that I didn’t want to wait because I had a 1000 miles left before I needed one.

These men have great integrity and I trust them with my 2010 Subaru and my 1990 Suburban. ‘Nuff said.

A S. – Missoula, MT

As a person who knows nothing about cars, and unfortunately fits the stereotypical profile (I’m a young woman), I am always wary of getting duped by mechanics. But I feel extremely safe and confident entrusting my car to Scott’s — I’ve had work done there about 5 times and they’ve always been even-handed and kind and trustworthy.

For example, just today I went in to get my window fixed: it had fallen down into the door, something they’d fixed back in January. They fixed it within several hours and charged me nothing, although it’s a re-curring problem with my car and certainly not a fault of their good work this winter.

Highly recommended!

E T. – Missoula, MT

I’m a young, female college student and had my car break down.

I’m always concerned, being that I’m a young woman with little automotive knowledge, that I’m going to be taken advantage of in these sort of situations.

Scott’s EQ was extremely professional and respectful and I felt completely comfortable leaving my car with them. They got everything fixed very quickly and made sure to call and clear a everything with me before doing any work.

I’d recommend them to anyone.

Karissa L. – Missoula, MT

I also agree with statement below

I will recommend Scott’s E Q to anyone who ever asks me for a good welder, mechanic, trustworthy , not cheap, knowledgeable,

Don I. – Clinton, MT

I will recommend Scott’s E Q to anyone who ever asks me for a good welder, mechanic, or trustworthy and affordable person to tow to.

Yesterday my ’01 Ford Windstar’s lower control arm broke while driving and I did not have a mechanic in mind to tow it to. Nate from Sparr’s towing company came and recommended Scott’s when I told him I’d like the best but the cheapest too. On a side note, Sparr’s is AAA certified and extremely professional.

This morning I called expecting to hear grime and expensive news but instead I was given the opposite. Mark at Scott’s E Q went above and beyond any mechanic I have ever heard of and looked into the problem and found that the problem would be covered by a safety recall and cost me nothing instead of over $1000.

Mark was extremely kind, pleasant, trustworthy and I think it says a lot about a mechanic who thinks about the customer first, not just getting every last penny out of them. They have my service now and I would say that if you are unsure of who to take your car to, take them here.

They are also centrally located diagonal from the brooks entrance of the Southgate Mall, right across from Wendy’s.

Hawkes S. – Missoula, MT

Scott’s was referred to me by Gary’s on Higgins when they couldn’t handle my ’99 Civic’s idle problem. I drove over there after calling and being told to come in on thursday (a day later).

Scott told me the price of the diagnostic hour was 76$ and as i was going to be in school all day i told him, work on it up to four hundred before he needed to call me.

They ran a full diagnostic, decided it was an idle air valve, cleaned it and put it back. Fixed the problem, i was ecstatic. Until the next morning, when Billy called me promptly when they opened at 7:30a to make sure i avoided an unnecessary trip.

I needed a new idle air control valve, which apparently, directly from honda factory is 300. plus to what was going to be my original total (for the diagnostic hour) of 76 bucks. they only charged another 25 for labor and an even 400 dollars later my punky brewster is purring and idling smooth and low again.

Billy called me right away as well. They are prompt, honest and upfront. They know their stuff and won’t hide and fees.

I will bring my car there from now on and recommend them to friends.

Tee K. – Los Angeles, CA

This is a very nice place to do business. The owner and employees are fair, honest, intelligent and skilled. They fixed things on my old rig in a sensible, safe way. I’m happy, grateful, and will be a loyal customer.

Rylee S. – Missoula, MT

With serving the Missoula for many years, Scott’s Muffler offers quick service and reasonable pricing. The service is rather quick from the first phone call placed to the time the automobile is ready for pick up. Muffler to brakes, Scott’s Muffler can do it all! Customer service goes beyond pick-up, if you happen to have questions or concerns after the work is performed, a quick call will remedy any problems that may apply. Thumbs up!!

Kathy P on 2005

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