Jeremy Leibenguth

Jeremy Leibenguth

Why did you became a mechanic?

From a young age, my father was always bringing car parts home for me to take apart and I always helped him with projects around the house.  I like the satisfaction of crafting/fixing something with my hands.

What do you like most about working at Scott’s EQ?

Family is the top reason.  Working with my Uncle and father who created this business is a blast.  The rest of the employees feel like family as well.  Everyone is agreeable and cohesive which is why this business has been so successful.  It gives me pride to work at such an honest and knowledgeable shop where the customers leave happy.

What certifications do you have?

Professional Tech Seminars and I will be attending automotive school in the future.

Why do you like living in Missoula?

I really enjoy the outdoor recreation activities.  I love hiking, snowboarding and rock climbing.  Any excuse to get outdoors, I take.  Missoula is a great community to live in.  We also brew great beer.

Tell us more about yourself?

I have never bought a car that runs. Every vehicle I’ve owned I have had to fix up in order to drive it.