About Scott’s EQ Auto Repair

Scott’s EQ was founded in 1975 by Scott and Rod Leibenguth.  Driven by their passion for automobiles, they have established a professional, hardworking, and honest business.

Scott’s EQ is unique because the customer has the ability to talk directly with the technician repairing their vehicle.

This direct line of communication eliminates any misunderstanding about the repairs being performed and gives the customer the peace of mind they deserve.

In the past 20 years, this business has evolved tremendously, changing from Scott’s EQ Muffler to Scott’s EQ Auto Repair Center.  The necessity to become a full service automotive repair facility became apparent as more and more of our customers requested we perform their automotive repairs rather than having to take their vehicles to another shop that they did not know or trust.

Scott’s EQ continues to evolve to fulfill the ever changing demands on the automotive industry.  As automotive technology becomes more advanced, it requires us to purchase the most advanced equipment to diagnose the latest cars.  We hire the most professional technicians educated in the latest trends and technology in the automotive field.